Fabulous job!!! Our 35-year-old concrete driveway was cracked in several places, which allowed water to wash back toward and into the house and basement. I wanted to re-do the entire driveway, but I couldn’t afford to do all of it in one year. But the top portion of the driveway absolutely had to be replaced this summer to fix the water problem. A-1 had to hammer out all of the old concrete, level the area, put in several inches of gravel, pour a “best mix” concrete, and cover it with a sealant. They did it all in a total of three days (Friday, Monday and Tuesday). They made sure that the concrete is pitched slightly away from the house and toward the lawn, so that when it rains (or if we have another terribly snowy winter), the water that accumulates on the driveway will wash away from the house. Kyle was very responsive when I first called to have him come to the house to give me an estimate. He was very prompt in returning that estimate and took the time to answer all of my questions. The top portion of the driveway now looks great, and so do the stoops that were replaced. I fully intend to have A-1 replace the rest of the driveway when I can afford to do it. Update: A-1replaced the rest of the driveway this summer, and -again- did a fabulous job. Kyle Egan was very responsive to me and worked with me to coordinate parking, since I could not park on the street or anywhere on the property during the driveway replacement. He kept me informed about scheduling changes that couldn’t be avoided given how terribly wet this spring has been. The workers were prompt, diligent and professional. I am so impressed with how smoothly and efficiently they got everything done. I have two backyard patios that are showing their age, and when it’s time to give them a makeover, I will be contacting A-1.
Description of Work: A-1 Contractors replaced the remainder of our very long concrete driveway.
Nancy N.

The price was reasonable. It was great service. They asked a lot of questions and knew exactly what we wanted to have done. They did it very promptly.
Description of Work: We used A-1 Contractors to modify an outdoor patio.
Gregory J.

John Egan came out to the house, discussed our needs and quoted on replacing our current concrete driveway with one constructed of paver bricks. Several weeks later the work was completed on time and without incident and to our total satisfaction.
Description of Work: Replaced concrete driveway with paver brick driveway.
James S.

Our bluestone steps to our back garden were crumbling. They hadbeen poorly tended by the prior owner and they looked awful.We had one cracked riser, a lot of mortar had come out and thestones were chipping (like peeling layers off of an onion). Rather than rebuild the steps entirely, we had A1 come out to repoint the steps. They showed up on time and did a fantastic job. These steps that were previously a slight embarrassment now look asgood as the rest of our home’s exterior (which is nice and well tended). I will haveA-1 back next spring to some additional brickwork around my patio.
Description of Work: Repointed our bluestone garden stairs.
Jonathan E.

I had a great deal of interaction with them and have STRONG mixed reactions, which are pretty much on par for the reviews I have read. Their work is great. That isnt the problem. The problem is in their pricing. It is WAY above industry average. I spent time in communication with them, and here is how they arrive at their fees- they have multiple levels of management. They have a sales force whos position it is to sell. They get commission. They have managers, who get paid bonuses. Their workers get paid, they have to pay overhead, and then the executives get paid. All coming out of your pocket. So rather that the owner being involved, you pay for a salesman who does nothing other than present the contract and get guys out. As a result, their pricing is 20-30% above industry standard. I cant fault the quality, but you PAY for it and pay dearly.
Description of Work: Rebuilt my pool decking and hardscape around a high end home.
Description of Work: Repointed our bluestone garden stairs.
Kenneth R.

I had a good experience. They were on time, on estimates, prompt, meticulous trying to match a hundred year old. There is nothing bout them that wasn’t great. It looks fabulous. They were fabulous. Its more than I want to spend. I’m going to use them again.
Description of Work: They rebuilt a hundred year old concrete brick back-steps and relayed some concrete on the driveway.
Abby A

The crew arrived on time, we were pleased with the quality of the their work. They had to cover the installation to allow for the set, they returned days later and all materials were removed and the area was cleaned.
Description of Work: Provided a concrete slab for a shed per our city’s permit specifications. Prior to install they contacted Julie to identify lines. Also arranged for the inspection.
Theodore R

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