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Retaining Wall Contractors Northbrook

Landscaping can be difficult depending on your property’s size & different elevations. Retaining walls are an easy and effective method of leveling an area without raising the entire yard. Retaining walls need to be strong but flexible enough to withstand the changes in weather and temperatures over the years.

There are certain things you should know when it comes to deciding whether to add a retaining wall to your yard:

  1. Design – You can incorporate your retaining wall into different landscape structures, and make it fit into your current landscaping plan. You can also include a variety of other stones, so your retaining can be the focal point of your yard.
  2. Manufactured Blocks are Faster – Using manufactured blocks for your retaining wall will make the installation quicker and smoother. A1 Contractors Inc. will work with you to determine the best materials to construct your retaining wall and which options will work best with your landscaping design.
  3. Plan For Drainage – As mentioned, a retaining wall can level your yard and provide you protection from water reaching your home. As you are thinking about where you want your retaining wall to go, think about draining and where water will flow due to you adding a retaining wall to your yard.
  4. Height – Depending on the size of the retaining wall, you might want to consider what materials you use. Smaller retaining walls can easily be assimilated into a lawn. However, larger walls might require an engineer on-site to help plan. From a lower grade, you want to gradually step up to the yard using a method called terracing. A1 Contractors Inc. is ready to help you determine what size retaining wall your yard will need in Northbrook, Illinois.

Driveways and Walkways Installation in Northbrook

Walking around Northbrook, Illinois there are so many different styles & layouts of walkways & driveways you will see! All types of walkways & driveways require different kinds of materials & unique ways of installation and maintenance to look good and last for years. A 1 Contractors Inc specializes in all the different materials you need to create that beautiful walkway or driveway for your home.

Walkways & Driveways are usually comprised of three different materials:

  • Natural Stone
  • Brick Pavers
  • Concrete

There are more materials you can use, but these are the three most common types of construction materials. A1 Contractors Inc. employs the best in the business for installation or repair.


Outdoor Living Space Design in Northbrook

Throwing an outdoor barbecue, or holding a family function outside your home is one of the best parts of the summer. A1 Contractors Inc. can help you by working with you & designing & constructing a beautiful outdoor living space in Northbrook, Illinois and combining different elements such as seating, cooking, aesthetics, patios, decks, and outdoor fireplaces. Of course, it all starts with a sound foundation, and the skilled workers at A1 Contractors Inc. can provide that for you. With years of experience and a long list of residential, commercial, and municipal success stories, you can trust that we’ll make your outdoor space look great and last.


There are three things you should consider when deciding whether you want to add more living space or build a new outdoor living space to your lawn:

Material: Do you think about a concrete patio or a paver patio? What would you like the color of the pavers to be? Do you need to dig into an area to pour or lay the material you want to use for your outdoor living space?

Location:  Where is the outdoor living space going to go? Will there be stairs needed? Is a walkway required in order to get to the outdoor living space you want to add to your home?

Size:  How big would you like your patio? How much area is it going to take up? What elements would you like to include on your outdoor patio (furniture, grill, structures, etc.)?


Professional Hardscape Contractors Northbrook, Illinois

A1 Contractors has been serving Northbrook, Illinois, for over 25 years!. To achieve this goal, we’ve worked hard to make sure that we give the customer what they want at a competitive price. As we always say, “nothing sells better than a happy customer.” Which is why our friendly sales staff will assist in the design of your project or work with an existing plan or idea you might have. From there a free estimate will be prepared, accompanied by an explanation of the installation process. If you are looking for help from LOCAL contracting experts, rely on the service & professionalism of A1 Contractors Inc. today! View customer reviews

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